Driving License

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, it is compulsary for every person driving a vehicle to carry a valid License.

Types of License

Learning License: Learning License is given to Motorists agesd 16 and above. It is given for 1 month (the term can be increased by re-filling form no.2).The vehicle should have a white plate with L (for learner) in red written and it is necessary to be accompanied by a person with permanent license.
Permanent License: is issued to Motorists whose Learning License has worked for 30 days (ie. without any violations) and are trained to drive can apply for Permanent license vide form no.4.
Permanent License for Commercial Vehicles: Holding a permanent license for at least 1 year is compulsary and should be certified by any Government Recognised Driving School.
Permanent License for Heavy Vehicles:Holding a Learning License for 45 days is compulsary. Driver should be 20 years or above and must be certified by a Government Recognised Driving school.The Driver is also required to be experienced with driving for 2 years.

Applying for a License

The Driving License forms can be collected from :
RTO Office,
Jhalana Doongri.
Ph: 518318

License Type
Form no.
Learning License
-Birth Certificate
Permanent License
-Passport size photographs
Permanent License
(Commercial vehicle)
-Permanent License (1 year)
-Passport size photographs
-Driving School Cert.(Govt. Recogn.)
Permanent License
(Heavy vehicle)
-Learning License (45 days)
-Passport size photos
-Driving School Cert.(Govt. Recogn.)
* - All queries regarding License Application should be sent to the RTO only, at the address given above.

Traffic at New Gate in 1963

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